It was all about the schools -- 2023 Karen in Burbank just closed

Monday, 21 August 2017
Do people move for good schools? Yup. Does moving to a particular school district guarantee admission in that school?  Nope.  My clients, the Guptas, bought a house nine years ago in Burbank.  That home is in a good school area, but they wanted an even better school area for their growing family. So they looked in the Jefferson School area within Burbank and found 2023 Karen St.  They had made offers on other properties before that hadn't been accepted, so we were thrilled when we were told the sellers had picked our offer.  It was the right size -- five bedrooms -- and was just up the street from the school.

However, we were saddened to learn that Jefferson School was full and not taking any other new students.  Yes, that can happen in public schools as well as charters and private schools.  The Gupta children were wait-listed with no promises given of ever getting into Jefferson.  The family decided to roll the dice and purchase the house anyway.  But by some sort of magic (that's the only thing we can figure), they received a call last week telling them that there was room for the kids in the school! Whew! I am sure the family will be really happy in the new home and at the new school.