Why Online Marketing is Important For Real Estate Marketing

Tuesday, 23 February 2016
It is said that Real Estate consulting is a localized business. Real estate consultants are neighborhood experts with deep knowledge about the properties and projects in the locality of operation. They are the right people to consult before investing into a property as they have good know how about the rate at which the prices change in the locality. Although real estate consulting is a localized business it has become extremely important for them to market their real estate inventory globally.

Real Estate Marketing

People from all around the world who are looking to move into that neighborhood, invest into that neighborhood first go to the internet looking for the information. They go to Google and search with keywords that are relevant to that locality. The real estate websites consultant who comes on the first page of the search result attracts most of the traffic and builds a healthy pipeline of leads that have a good probability of conversion. As India makes its way to becoming a successful economy the demand for real estate will increase in the technology savvy Indian middle class. Most of them will buy homes and offices in the next ten years and will consider the internet to be the first option to cater to their property needs.
It is clear that a real estate marketing consultant should have an online presence but we need to understand the exact nature of this online presence. The online initiative for a consultant should not only help him to brand himself as a neighborhood expert but should also act as a lead generating engine. The answer to this is not a website but a prospect generating portal which is capable to do two things.
  1. Attract more visitors to the portal using latest real estate search engine optimization tactics.
  2. Your prospect portal should come with a back-end to allow you to enter / manage your property and project listings. It should generate a dedicated page for every property and project with information about your neighborhood at prominent "Google Friendly" positions of the web page. It should allow you to add infinite content on to the site which will help you to load the site with a lot of content related to your locality. It should generate a real estate site-map which can help you to get into the Google index easily.
  3. Convert the visitors into business prospects by capturing their critical contact information.
Your portal should have the right prospect capturing tools at strategic locations of your website which means that it should ask for the contact information of the visitor at places in the user browsing work flow. This should be done in a very intuitive manner such that visitor does not lose interest.
To make sure that your business reached new heights every real estate agent must instantly make it a point to start the above mentioned marketing online initiative. As the websites grow older and build loyalties their benefits can grow exponentially and become the biggest lead generating source for your business.