Real Estate Agent And Real Estate Broker - Two Sides To The Same Coin

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A real estate agent is often confused as a real estate broker, although both differ with their work profiles!

Earlier both of them were seen as a salesperson who deals with real estate market. They were involved with selling properties and hence these terms transposed. But now finesse has crawled in with progressing times. Services have augmented and so have people associated with them.

Though there is no perfect demarcation between them, still there are some disparities that allow them distinct designations. The entire role of a real estate agent has evolved from a salesperson whose occupation primarily was to sell properties. Now a real estate agent is a key person whilst dealing with property. He not only aids the trader in selling the property rather he also assists the buyer in various property matters. He is reminiscent of a manual to be consulted whenever one is planning to buy or sell their property.

A real estate agent and a real estate broker are essentially a pedestal rather an interactive media via which the entire transaction process takes place. In some places, a real estate agent is acknowledged differently as compared to a real estate broker. They are the licensed professionals working in the same field but their functional areas differ to a certain extent.

Talking about a real estate agent, he is basically a fresher who steps into the world of property transactions immediately after completing his academic studies or his training for being a real estate salesperson. This training consists of a course varying from forty to ninety hours and then undertaking an exam, passing in which would entitle him for a license of a real estate person or a real estate agent. But he certainly cannot work alone, he needs further supervision of a real estate broker and hence one must be allied with him for his work.

A real estate broker is an experienced real estate agent. The only distinction between a real estate agent and a real estate broker is the experience in form of years spent as a real estate agent.

It can be said that a real estate agent on maturity becomes a real estate broker. For this transition to occur he needs to appear in broker's state exam and on qualifying that exam he gets a license for real estate broker. A real estate broker may work in partnership with other brokers to form business alliances or he may undertake some real estate agents to work under him.

Both real estate agent and real estate broker share the same field of work but the major difference lies in their working experience, where a real estate broker is better experienced than a real estate agent.