How Internet Marketing Is Better Than Print Advertising

Thursday, 14 November 2013
Driven by Internet technology, owners must change how they run their businesses. Internet marketing and the tools created to effectively apply this approach offer exciting opportunities to learn about and communicate your niche market. Millions of web sites offer a limitless supply of information about virtually any topic you can name. Similarly, the World Wide Web allows to promote your goods and services to millions of people, anywhere in the world. A Broader Scope & Better Profile Today, the Internet is as as important a marketing tool as print advertising was 2 decades ago. In many respects it is also better than print advertising Using Internet technology, you gather useful information on any subject from any on-line source, anywhere in the world. No longer are we bound by the physical constraints imposed by hard copy books and resources or bricks and mortar research facilities. By the same token, you are no longer restricted to promoting your services to residents of your local market. If you serve or want to serve people moving into your niche market a good web presence will help you connect with people, long before they even arrive in your area. And as an added bonus, a sound web presence helps confirm that you are current and up-to-date, on top of what's happening in your local market. Why Internet Marketing is Better Than Print Advertising Referrals are the best source of new business Every successful sales person knows that referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations generate the most new business than anything comes from. Many experts suggest that at least 85% of new business comes referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations. And what's better, referral marketing is usually free or very low cost. Despite the advantages of referral marketing, many businesses, including real estate sales people continue to spend huge amounts money on conventional print and hard-copy. Perhaps they feel that they must advertise, just because everyone else is advertising. Whatever the reason for print advertising, it invariably generates less new business than referrals and costs a whole lot more. Spend your advertising dollars wisely to generate more referrals: create a web presence with lots of great Internet marketing tools. Print advertising adds to the commercial clutter Every day consumers are bombarded by thousands and thousands of advertising messages in every media imaginable. Even well designed and effectively presented real estate listings add to this clutter. To cope with this overload, most of us ignore the advertising that surrounds us. Why spend money on print advertising if few people will actually read and respond to it. The sad truth about print advertising is that most of is ignored. The Internet is today's most effective and widely used information resource. Most web-surfers are looking for sound ad reliable information. By offering useful information on your web site, you can attract new visitors; new information keeps them coming back. Print advertising is not environment-friendly Producing print advertising consumes a lot energy and generates a huge volume of greenhouse gases. Harvesting the trees...processing the wood into pulp...transporting the pulp to the mills...converting this wood into paper products...transporting the waste to a disposal site and the paper products to printers ...transporting print advertisements to intended readers. Internet marketing costs less and does more The cost of developing and maintaining a web presence is minimal when compared to cost of annual print advertising. Internet marketing helps generate referrals. You can use social media to connect with your network contacts so they can tell other people about you and how you help clients. The Internet is a very busy and often confusing place. Fortunately the your website has a specific and unique. Directed by your your business cards, family, friends and other contacts, prospects can easily find and visit your web site with minimal distraction and disruption. When visitors like what they see on your site, they will probably also like you enough to initiate contact with you. And is they really like what they see on your site, they will probably tell others about the site. That's how web traffic grows. Isn't it time that you invested more in Internet marketing instead of continuing to waste money on print advertising?