Real Estate Affiliate Program - Get Huge Real Estate Commission

Friday, 26 July 2013

Setting up a real estate affiliate program enables real estate agents boost sales because affiliates are anxious to send them leads. In return, the affiliates get paid the agreed commission per lead by the estate agent.

The agent and her affiliates benefit. They are partners in sales.

However, you will notice that real estate commission paid by most real estate affiliate program network fall within $5 to $15 per lead. This is a far cry from what is offered by many digital vendors especially vendors associated with clickbank.

Many Clickbank ebook sellers routinely offer as much as 50% of the sale price as commission to affiliates. Needless to say, such ebooks vendors get the most affiliates willing to promote their ebooks.

Why, you ask.

Well, a bigger commission percentage means more money for the affiliate. And more money means more people willing to sign up as affiliates.

Now to the question of huge affiliate commissions and real estate affiliate program.

Can real estate affiliate program managers similarly pay high real estate commission to their affiliates?

The answer is . . . YES.

Sure, affiliates cannot get 50% of the sale or rental price of a property as commission as they do with ebooks affiliate program. But it is possible to pay affiliates a large percentage of what the real estate agent gets as commission.

Remember: Huge commission = huge motivation

The bigger the reward, the bigger the effort affiliates put for at getting the rewards.

Greater motivation = Greater effort = Greater number of leads = More money for you the agent

Affiliates have the potential to drive sales through the roof . . . if you let them.

A City of Huge Affiliate Commission

Lagos Nigeria is a city of huge real estate affiliate program commission.

Agents routinely pay as much as 40% real estate commission to partners in sales.

Let me break down the real estate commission structure in Lagos Nigeria so you get the big picture.

Estate agents in Lagos Nigeria charge 10% of the value of the property as commission. This is a standard anywhere you go. It's almost like an unwritten rule.

These agents network with other agents to promote property at their disposal and in the process make sales. In return for this affiliation, the agent in charge of the property pay the affiliate (or agent) who engineered the sale 20% - 50% of the commission from the property.

In most cases, this sales partnership is informal in nature. It is usually based on simple gentleman agreement between the estate agent and other agents. It has not been structured into a formal affiliate program yet.

However, it is worth copying.

Remember: The greater the commission, the greater the motivation and the resulting sales.

Therefore this is a wake up call to real estate affiliate managers. The message is simple: Wise up. Stop paying affiliates peanuts. Drive sales ten fold by offering irresistible commissions.

Learn from ebook affiliate programs that have taken the affiliate program concept to a whole new level. Pay bigger affiliate commission.

And for you the aspiring affiliate, come to Lagos Nigeria . . . the city of huge affiliate commission.

The motivation is huge. Your pocket will sag with huge real estate commission.