Niche Marketing in Real Estate Marketing Online

Thursday, 29 September 2016
What is a niche?

A niche is a target audience or target market or an area of specialization where you can provide your services in the best manner because you are more knowledgeable in that market.

A niche can be geographical. You may choose to provide your real estate expertise in one city or if you are a real estate agent in a large city, your niche may be a certain geographical boundary in that city. Some agents specialize in farm properties. Some agents specialize in second homes and investment properties. Some agents focus on 1031 tax deferred exchanges. Real estate agents who speak other languages may find themselves providing services to buyers and sellers who speak those languages. Whatever type of niche you have, it is extremely important to focus your attention on your target audience when in comes to real estate marketing online.

Niche Marketing in Real Estate Marketing Online
Niche Marketing in Real Estate Marketing Online

Niche marketing does not mean you have to limit your marketing efforts in just one local area. It is also important to combine national with regional and local exposure. For instance, if you are specializing in the second home market, it is important to combine local and regional marketing with national marketing when it comes to real estate marketing online. If your niche is in the second home market, the buyer or seller for a second home may come from any city in the country.

Many buyers and sellers of second homes consider different cities in different states before they decide where next to purchase a second home or investment property. They like to search online to conduct their research to find out about the different cities they are considering. They also look for real estate agents online who can provide them with additional information on the cities of their interest.

If you market your real estate business online outside of your local area of service, you are already several notches ahead of your competition because you will reach your target audiences right in their spots before they even start looking for a real estate agent else where. Their perception of your professional practice will also improve because you are giving them a glimpse of the kind of approach you have when it comes to conducting your business.

The biggest drawback in utilizing real estate marketing online nationally is the issue of budget. If you are an independent contractor (and most real estate agents are), chances are that you will pay for the marketing of your own profession, and most online publications will charge a handsome fee to include your real estate business online nationally. However, if you do your research, you will find some online publications that will charge decent rates to include your real estate business online nationally.

Understanding that it is not necessarily the amount of any online traffic that is important but getting the online traffic from your target audience is what really counts. You will get less general online traffic when you direct your focus to a targeted audience, but you are reaching the audience that will listen to your message. This is the audience that is more likely to respond to your message. Of course, just like any other type of marketing, real estate marketing online is still a numbers' game, and you are more likely to experience a higher success rate when you reach your target audience online.

How do you reach your target audience with real estate marketing online?

Advertise your real estate business in specialized online publications. If you would like to reach the audience for the second home market, advertise online on a second home Internet directory or second home Internet magazine. If you would like to reach the market online for 1031 tax deferred exchanges, advertise in an online or Internet magazine that specializes in real estate investing and 1031 tax deferred exchanges.

Know the function of the search engines in real estate marketing online. A huge majority of online searches are done through search engines. Using search engines is really a wonderful way to reach your target audience because your target market is the one coming to you instead of you going to them. For instance if they put "buying a second home directory" as their search parameter, they are very specific about finding a directory that specializes in the second home market.

Advertise in an online publication that ranks in the top 10 of Google, MSN, and Yahoo when using the key words of the search parameters that your target audience is most likely going to use because these major search engines are the tools that your target audience will most likely utilize to conduct searches online in order to reach you. The real estate online or Internet publications that display in the top 10 of the search results in major search engines in a defined niche are the ones which are most likely to be visited by the people who are looking for that specific business or service and that is the online publication where you would like your business to be seen.

Tips For Better Real Estate Standing Online

Thursday, 1 September 2016
In any kind of business these days, it isn't ideal any longer to spend millions of dollars for promotion, exposure, advertising and maintenance. Whatever kind of livelihood you have online be sure that you know enough about SEO to keep your site working and gaining revenues.

What about marketing online for real estate agents? In its actuality, real estate is good niche because most people nowadays rely on online sources for real estate information no matter what type of subcategories you have. What's the point of resorting to search engine optimization for your website? The answer to this question is to basically put your website on the map of every major search engines existing today. Keep in mind that major search engines are being used by many millions of people. Just think of the amount of traffic it can give your site.

Better Real Estate Standing Online
One effective way of making your website known to surfers is by using free advertising by means of leaving your website URL on forum sites that are in the same niche of business that you have. Remember to be knowledgeable enough about your own market so anytime a question comes up, you'll have no problem handling it.

By the time an online visitor checks out your site by clicking on the links available on the forums, be sure that you're site is presentable enough especially on the first page. But what you really want to do here each time a visitor checks out your site is to convince them to go back to your site again and again. Get their name and e-mail address using an opt-in form. You can then send them notices every time you have a new house listed for sale. However, if you want to get your hands on some helpful website builder, you can search some affordable ones. It's not ideal to choose the cheapest.

Why Online Marketing is Important For Real Estate Marketing

Tuesday, 23 February 2016
It is said that Real Estate consulting is a localized business. Real estate consultants are neighborhood experts with deep knowledge about the properties and projects in the locality of operation. They are the right people to consult before investing into a property as they have good know how about the rate at which the prices change in the locality. Although real estate consulting is a localized business it has become extremely important for them to market their real estate inventory globally.

Real Estate Marketing

People from all around the world who are looking to move into that neighborhood, invest into that neighborhood first go to the internet looking for the information. They go to Google and search with keywords that are relevant to that locality. The real estate websites consultant who comes on the first page of the search result attracts most of the traffic and builds a healthy pipeline of leads that have a good probability of conversion. As India makes its way to becoming a successful economy the demand for real estate will increase in the technology savvy Indian middle class. Most of them will buy homes and offices in the next ten years and will consider the internet to be the first option to cater to their property needs.
It is clear that a real estate marketing consultant should have an online presence but we need to understand the exact nature of this online presence. The online initiative for a consultant should not only help him to brand himself as a neighborhood expert but should also act as a lead generating engine. The answer to this is not a website but a prospect generating portal which is capable to do two things.
  1. Attract more visitors to the portal using latest real estate search engine optimization tactics.
  2. Your prospect portal should come with a back-end to allow you to enter / manage your property and project listings. It should generate a dedicated page for every property and project with information about your neighborhood at prominent "Google Friendly" positions of the web page. It should allow you to add infinite content on to the site which will help you to load the site with a lot of content related to your locality. It should generate a real estate site-map which can help you to get into the Google index easily.
  3. Convert the visitors into business prospects by capturing their critical contact information.
Your portal should have the right prospect capturing tools at strategic locations of your website which means that it should ask for the contact information of the visitor at places in the user browsing work flow. This should be done in a very intuitive manner such that visitor does not lose interest.
To make sure that your business reached new heights every real estate agent must instantly make it a point to start the above mentioned marketing online initiative. As the websites grow older and build loyalties their benefits can grow exponentially and become the biggest lead generating source for your business.

Sell Real Estate Notes

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Selling real estate notes is a fast and simple solution for a real estate investor who needs quick cash. These notes specify terms of payback and include the loan amount, interest rate, and pay back time.

An investor can sell the entire lot of real estate notes, or part of them. The partial sale of real estate notes provides you a higher rate of return. There are several ways to sell real estate notes, including media advertising and postings on blogs. The real estate note selling market is a vast field of opportunities. The best technique to sell a real estate note is to list it on some reliable media. Remember that buyers range from individual investors to financing institutions and companies.

Real estate notes usually are residential notes, commercial notes, and vacant land notes. Residential real estate notes can be notes for houses, townhouses, condominiums, apartment buildings, and mobile homes. Vacant land notes pertain to developed land, undeveloped land and land not designated as a specific-use property, such as farm land or waste storage property.

The best option for those intending to sell real estate notes is to list them in any of the real estate note listing websites. Visitors to these websites are mostly professional people involved in the real estate business. You can also advertise in newspapers and magazines. When your real estate note reaches a wider audience, the chances of your getting a good profit are high. Real estate note brokers also offer you professional help in selling your real estate notes.